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Monday, November 04, 2002

Prediction time

A fair number of people have asked for my prediction on the election ... as one so opinionated, I guess I can't weasel out of it. So here goes:

The BIG ONE: Montpelier's school bond issue PASSES by a 55-45 count, a little close for my taste, but a win for the town nonetheless.

Other items of interest ( :-) : The U.S. House of Representatives not only stays in Republican hands, but the GOP gains seats, now holding a 224-211 majority. The U.S. Senate switches to the Republicans, with the GOP holding a 52-47-1 advantage when the dust settles Wednesday morning - including the instant bonanza of BOTH Jim Talent (Mo.) and Norm Coleman (Minn.) getting sworn in immediately. Overall, GOP wins four Dem seats but loses two of its own for the above final.

Unfortunately, we do face another four years of the dismal Taft administration in Ohio. But hang on conservatives, your time will come - for then it's Blackwell! Blackwell! Blackwell!

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