Along the Tracks

Friday, November 15, 2002

The low drone of Daschle

Hey, what's that noise? A horsefly? No, no, too cold for that. A yellowjacket? Possibly, but it seems less threatening, more whining. A gnat? Maybe.

Wait! I know, it's Tom Daschle talking about the "failure" of the war on terrorism. Let me think ... the last time I heard that sound, a major offensive was just getting underway, and news reports were about a day behind the action - making Daschle look like a fool. Oh, and we lost 14 soldiers right about at the time Daschle was droning on "Meet the Press" that sad and difficult Sunday. Right, now I remember.

If Daschle is still wondering why his Democrats were pummeled last week, all he needs to do is look at his own quotes. There is a big difference between constructive, if harsh, criticism, and bellyaching for the sake of hearing one's own voice. Daschle needs to learn how to distinguish - or better yet, not learn and be forced off the political stage by braver men and women willing to take real stands and offer real alternatives.

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