Along the Tracks

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Another sad surrender

After daily grovelling by Nigeria’s This Day newspaper in an effort to halt the murderous Islamic rioters, triggered by that paper’s “offensive” article defending the Miss World pageant’s choice of Nigeria as host, the organizers have stood up publically and blamed the riots on ... the newspaper!

Meanwhile, one of Nigeria’s Islamist-dominated state governments has issued a fatwa ordering the death of the journalist who wrote the offending story.

I prefer the realm of debate, the “marketplace of ideas,” if you will, but I simply cannot fathom the defense the Left continues to give to these murderers and their absolutely horrid ideology. It really gets down to the basics of human decency: If a verbal affront warrants a rampage of bloodshed by some “offended other,” what is taboo? And if nothing is taboo (as indeed seems to be the case), why should there be any limits on our own actions? Why not bomb them all to hell now?

Ultimately, relativism must degenerate into a free-for-all at its conclusion. Is that the world the Left would see born?

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