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Thursday, October 17, 2002

Not so secrect

Media hearts are palpitating as the North Koreans have admitted they have continued their nuclear program despite a much-heralded 1994 agreement with the Clinton administration to cease and desist. The real grab-you-by-the-short-hairs announcement - at least as far as the press and a few “senior analysts” were concerned - was that Kim Jong Il already has a few nukes in his pocket.
Of course, the only reason these ostriches were suprised was because Kim yanked their heads out of the sand. Readers of this column, along with anyone else who has read past the dictator’s apologists in the New York Times and other big liberal media outlets, knew full well about North Korea’s “secret” nuclear bombs at least since the State of the Union “axis of evil” speech. If you’ll recall, all the Bush-bashers were ridiculing the speech and, in particular, North Korea's inclusion as an “axis” member.
“They’re no threat,” the delusionists cried back in January. “Heck, a year ago, the illustrious leader - Bill Clinton - came very close to visiting Pyongyang. Now, Bush has ruined all that good work by calling Kim ‘evil.’”
Well, that label has moved North Korea farther in nine months than Bill Clinton and his “experts” could in eight years of negotiating. Bush shined an uncomfortably bright light on North Korea, now Kim is coming clean.
P.S. - Thanks once again, Bill Clinton, for another of your messes we all now have to clean up. In 50 years, school children will be learning your name with the likes of Nixon and Harding.

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