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Friday, October 18, 2002

The Nobel Peace of the Grave Prize

Did the North Koreans drop their bombshell about the bomb to deliberately embarrass ex-Pres and Nobel Laureate Jimmy Carter, along with the Academy?

Let's look at it. Carter wins the big medallion. The chairman of the selectors says Smiley was chosen, at least partially, for voicing opposition to Bush's drive to force disarmament on Iraq, which implies a contrasting example: Carter, as Clinton's surrogate, got the North Koreans to agree to disarm peacefully back in 1994, now everything's hunky-dory there, right? So, pllllthaaah, Bush!

Just a few days later, Kim of NK spill the beans on his big-boom bombs. So now, thanks to Carter and Bubba, not only are the North Korean people starving to death, but our friends in South Korea and Japan are under threat of incineration by the homicidal dictator Kim. Oh, and based on the same estimates which said North Korea already had nukes (you know, the ones NK denied last winter and all the liberals pooh-poohed as unsubstantiated), Alaska and Hawaii will be in range of NK missiles in another year or two, and the West Coast can start counting down about five years - if NK doesn't get any help. Lest we forget, Good Ol' Bill was frantically trying to hand Kim space booster technology just before he (Bill, that is) left office, which would have allowed NK to hit America anywhere, anytime with a nuke. Thank God the Clintons were too busy stealing the silverware and granting illegal pardons in those last hours to finish off the transfer of deadly technology to our sworn enemy.

By the way, who remains opposed to missile defense?

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