Along the Tracks

Friday, September 27, 2002


Last night, according to news reports, former VP Al Gore blasted the Bush administration for ignoring signs that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda intended to attack Americans.

Everyone is determined to press the Bush administration to defend its actions prior to 9-11 and to show it has improved on security since - and rightly so. At the same time, the media fawns over Gore’s troubled spirit and conveniently ignores the fact he and his superior were in precisely the position to do something about bin Laden.

Remember Khobar Towers? Remember the Kenyan and Mozambican embassies? Remember the USS Cole?

Gore and Clinton did just ignore “signs” that al Qaeda wished to attack Americans, they ignored dead Americans laid at their doorstep. Does anyone doubt for a moment that, had Clinton attacked Afghanistan in November or December of 2000 (after the Cole) with a similar operation to Bush’s offensive last fall, the September 11th attacks would never have happened?

I still believe the Bush administration has much to answer for in its actions prior to 9-11. Al Gore is the next to last person on earth who should be asking them.

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