Along the Tracks

Friday, September 27, 2002

Beneath the blood

The picture in the Holy Land is covered in blood, thanks to the despicable acts of murder the Palestinian terrorists inflict on both populations.

But, if you get right down and wipe away the blood, you can see glimpses of beauty.

Two such: Recently, an Arab Israeli noticed a very suspicious young man - a Palestinian - with a dufflebag waiting nervously at a bus stop. The Israeli asked the Palestinian if he could borrow his cell phone a moment, and the young man obliged. The Israeli walked a few steps away, called the police, and quietly informed them of his suspicions that a suicide bombing was about to take place. After giving the location, he hung up, returned the phone to the Palestinian with thanks, then SAT DOWN NEXT TO THE WOULD-BE BOMBER ON THE BENCH. Why did he not run - or at least walk swiftly - to safety? He didn’t want the young man to realize he had been detected and perhaps escape to complete the mayhem elsewhere. The bus was kept from stopping, but when a policeman arrived at the scene, the bomber triggered his weapon, killing himself, the cop - and seriously injuring the heroic Arab Israeli. This Muslim, Arabic man literally risked his life to protect Israeli Jews.

Another recent bombing produced more bloodshed, killing six Israelis on a bus. But even here - a glimpse of the eternal. The family of one of the slain, a medical student, chose to donate his (salvageable) organs to save others. His kidneys were put to immediate use - saving a 7-year-old Palestinian girl. The symbolism was not lost on the family, which confidently told reporters the young man’s goal in life was to save lives, and his goal in death would be no different; ethnicity or religion were irrelevant.

It is clear that, separated from the murderous cult of terrorism, Palestinians and Israelis could not only enjoy piece; together they could thrive.

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