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Monday, August 05, 2002

No more Gore - PLEASE!

Al Gore, the cold-blooded chameleon who may change political colors but not his grip on the left branch of the Democratic Party, proved yet again he is incapable of learning or moving, snapping his tongue at imaginary flies while those occupying the other branches express deference to rhetorical stickiness, if confusion over the targets.

Gore's New York Times op-ed was a vivid display indeed.

Excuse me, Al, but weren’t you “groomed” for the presidency as an inheritance?

And when exactly - other than during the revolution - did the “debate” rage between monarchists and democrats? How did we miss that?

This hubris, that somehow he is the man of the people who told us so about Bush, is as inexplicable as offensive. When, dear Albert, did Enron weave its accounting web? When did Worldcom lie about its earnings? And more seriously, when did al Qaeda run rampant killing Americans uncontested and plotting its biggest stroke of all?

Oh, that’s right, while YOU WERE THE MOST POWERFUL VICE PRESIDENT IN HISTORY, that’s when.

So, dearest Albert, a smattering of humility in the face of your own failings would seem to be in order.

Al Gore - the more you see, the less you like.

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