Along the Tracks

Friday, July 19, 2002

Noonan’s Friday toe-tapper

Peggy Noonan’s perfect Friday column is a country song turned New York essay. It is self-indulgent without being self-important; it is creative in a most average way (”resaw”? You have to smile.); it’s title describes how it works on a mechanical level - unconsciously.

Just like a country song, you say to yourself as it begins, “This really isn’t my style.” The next thing you know, you’re three-quarters of the way through, nodding along and tapping your feet.

And it hits on all (okay, most, with apologies to David Allen Coe) the great country themes, with simple pleasures, travel, friendship, babies and yes, heartache. There is also honor, and hope.

Peggy Noonan is the Friday columnist for the Wall Street Journal, and this one proves she knows her craft.

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