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Thursday, June 27, 2002

Darkness on the edge of town

It's times like these I'm glad to find myself in small town Middle America. Unfortunately, it's also times like these that most need small town Middle Americans to stand up for the ideals that make our country great.

The clouds are gathering:
  • A gathering of pro-Islamist groups (which covered quite a range) at the University of Michigan - you know, the one about an hour away? - was passing out just one book to its attendees. The title of one chapter: "The Myth of the Holocaust."
  • The Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco has declared the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in classrooms unconstitutional.
  • A political action committee dedicated to burnishing the image of ex-President Clinton is sending out "letters to the editor" to newspapers around the country calling any plan to stop Saddam before he infects, gasses or nukes us through his terrorist henchmen foolhardy - let the dictator be, they say.
  • Liberal lapdogs in the media are castigating Bush's formula for moving forward toward peace and a Palestinian state in the Holy Land. Bush supposedly has no right to demand the Palestinian people be given freedom, democracy and an end to corruption. Or else he's just ignorant, expecting the same thing of Arabs that we expect of the rest of the world.

    Yes, my friends, these are serious times. September 11 didn't "change everything." Change takes time and effort. What arose from the horror of September 11 was a rare opportunity to change everything. The forces which favor the status quo are fighting all those changes tooth and nail. We who believe in the universal value of American ideals must stand up and speak out.

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