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Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Not cloning around

Working late tonight, and just wanted to toss in one more thought before I hit the road: I wonder how the new Star Wars movie, "Attack of the Clones," will affect the cloning-stem cell debate. Before you laugh, think about it for a second. I'm pretty sure the clones in the movie are bad guys, so it's not going to be good PR for the cloners and the cloner-defenders. And let's face it, not many people go through the effort of researching a topic and then deciding their opinion based on the merits and their own beliefs; most just go with the flow - after all, that's easy, right? This movie may force people to realize a world that accepts cloning humans then killing them is not all sweetness and light now, and could be much, much darker in the future. We can only hope the millions who go out to see "Episode II" will take the time afterward to find out what this cloning debate is all about.

A quick side note: Have you noticed how many promoters of cloned stem cells are trying to say these aren't really clones? It's a ridiculous attempt to change definitions for argumentative advantage. Don't let them get away with it; a clone is a clone is a clone.

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