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Thursday, April 25, 2002

You talkin’ to me?

According to a person “close” to Clown Prince Abdullah, the dictator-guest will attempt to browbeat George W. in his own home today, threatening to plug the oil spigot if the U.S. doesn’t put the screws to Israel and force our fellow democracy to accept terror as a way of life. The oil thug will also tell his better that America can kiss its bases in the region goodbye if GW doesn’t follow Abdullah’s line.

The pal of the “prince” said such Saudi actions would be a “strategic debacle for the United States,” according to today’s New York Times. (Sorry, link failure.)

How should George W. respond?

“You talkin’ to me?”

The Saudi “monarch’s” very existence is predicated on U.S. support. Who does this guy think buys all the oil? How’s he going to pad his Swiss bank accounts and pay off the families of suicide “martyrs” without our dollars? How will he funnel money to al Qaeda and Hamas and Hezbollah if we don’t turn a blind eye to his “country’s” murky finances?

What a joke.

George W. should pick up the gauntlet the “prince” throws down, fill it full of rocks, and crack him across the side of the head with it.

“Shut off the oil? Fine. I’ll give my buddy Vladamir over in Russia a quick jingle, and he’ll make it all up in a couple weeks. Move our bases? No problemo. Qatar is happy to get the business, and after we kick out Saddam, I’m sure the Iraqi people will be more than happy to have us as guests.

“Remember when I said nations need to choose if their with us or against us? Well, you just made your choice. Now I suggest you get your corrupt, scraggly butt back on your plane and get out of our country before I decide to send up an F-16 to put you in the drink and be done with it.

“Oh, and one other thing. Sure, we’ll move our bases out of your country, but if you continue to support terrorism, there’s something you should know: I’ll be back.”

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