Along the Tracks

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Missin' Bill

The cries are getting louder: "We miss you, Bill Clinton!"

Who are these lonely soles who wish to see a return of the man from hope?

Well, let's see. The Palestinian Authority wants Bill to mediate a peace conference where they could take from Israel without having to agree to give anything back; the leadership of the European Union and United Nations also say they miss Bill's "balance" in giving terrorists an equal footing with democracies; oh, and just today, it's reported North Korea would like the ex-prez to step in and mediate between its Exalted Ruler and the Bush administration. A spokesman for the North Koreans said Bill could help them by "stopping the rhetoric" of George W.

If you wonder who still thinks Clinton was a good foreign policy president, all you have to do is look who wants him back.

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