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Friday, March 01, 2002
Wow! I’ve tried to post this blurb TWICE now, and both times it’s been lost. Lesson learned - from now on, I’m typing my post separately and then pasting it in later. I don’t know for certain, but considering all the other problems we have around here, I’m suspecting my computer. I really hate Macs.

Anyway, I recently finished this piece ( - sorry, I haven’t figured out how to do links) on The Nation website by Jordan Moss. The article’s focus is the latest stars in the anti-war movement, family members (a few, anyway) of the victims of Sept. 11. Moss wraps up the piece by noting “reasonable conservative” callers to O’Reilly voiced support for, if not agreement with, the leader of the anti-war group which appeared on “The Factor.” Imagine that? Polite conservatives who listened to a policy discussion and gave credit to a guest with whom they did not necessarily agree. What media liberals like Moss don’t seem to understand is that almost all real policy discussion between war and anti-war proponents has occurred on conservative outlets. Indeed, there are some conservatives who are against the war. The liberals’ brethren in the media shamelessly focus on political mudslinging, passionately avoiding any real policy discussion. And the liberal mags and websites don’t really debate, they just preach.

Until liberal commentators actually investigate the policy arguments which favor military action, they will be unable to offer any reasonable alternatives. And when they are shocked to find conservatives are “reasonable,” it merely shows they have no intention of actually listening to conservatives on a regular basis to discover the logical arguments they espouse.

Maybe Moss’s little admission is a sign that things are changing - but I doubt it.

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