Along the Tracks

Thursday, March 07, 2002

’Whites of their eyes’

Our boys are doing us proud in the mountains of Afghanistan this week, systematically eliminating hundreds of al Qaeda terrorists. Yes, we’ve lost some fine young men, and all our hearts go out to their families. Those families are to be honored for the sacrifice of those fallen heroes, and all the families of our troops fighting this war should be thanked for the emotional storm they willingly ride while their loved ones prosecute the battle for all of us. Most of all thanks to the men and women, all volunteers, of the armed forces for their decision to place country above self.

This may be the most politically incorrect thing I’ve said in a long time, but honestly, as you hear stories of our boys fighting up close and personal - “face to face” one commander said - with those killers, don’t you have just a little touch of envy, wishing you could be the one avenging those we lost on September 11? Kind of Old-Testament-ish of me, but what can I say, it’s how I feel.

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