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Monday, March 18, 2002

Peace Plans

Sorry about my long weekend. Extra duty called. But I'm back and rarin' to go, so ....

Middle East peace plans seem to be all the rage. I decided, in my infinite humility, to offer my own. So, pulled from under the desk-corner pile of old correspondence I'm not quite willing to toss in the trash, doodled notebook paper which includes cryptic name and number references which I'm sure I'll remember soon, and assorted other items of questionable interest, here is the Miller Peace Proposal:

1. A resolution shall be introduced into the United Nations Security Council declaring the Palestinian Authority to be an illegitimate and unrecognized ruling authority, and placing the West Bank and Gaza Strip under the command of a council created by the UN, represented by neighboring countries (Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Syria), Great Britain and the United States. The United States shall have sole veto power in this council.
2. A second resolution will authorize the U.S., with the assistance of Britain, to place armed forces inside the West Bank and Gaza Strip to hunt down and destroy all terrorist organizations and their materials, including the Palestinian Authority.
3. A third resolution which would set up plans, once the terrorists are killed or captured, for free and fair elections within the terrorities six months after a positive vote by the council. A democratic government would be installed later based on a constitution first created by the council then ratified by the aforementioned election.
4. At the date of the election, all Arab/Islamic countries would be expected by the United States, perhaps under pressure from another U.N. resolution, to normalize relations with both Israel and Palestine.They would also be expected to fund economic development in Palestine.
5. The U.N. would maintain troops in Palestine and would be permanently responsible for Palestine's national security.

This is not an easy or cheap endeavor, but could be one of the keys to a successful conclusion to the War on Terrorism.

If you've got another idea or comments on mine, send them along.

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