Along the Tracks

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Life without the lights

Did I miss something? Did Williams County just get annexed to California or something? Yesterday, half the county lost power for an hour and a half. This morning, I woke up to total darkness - we lost power around 5:30 a.m., and didn’t get it back until about 7:30. With all these brown outs, you’d think Gray Davis was running our grid or something.

Nevertheless, I’ve muddled through, making coffee with boiled water and the filter cup off my Mr. Coffee - it works, but next time I’ll pull up a chair.

Seriously, though, sometimes you need to lose something before you realize how badly you need it. Even 15 years ago, a power outage was just an annoying inconvenience; today, it’s near the point of being a crippling problem. Computers are ubiquitous - and they all need electricity. Even my propane furnace lights electrically. My two little puddle-jumpers are nothing short of baffled by an outage: Clair started pouting when her bedroom light wouldn’t turn on (“Daddy, can’t you fix my light?”) and The Boy kept pushing the “on” button on the TV, as if he thought he just wasn’t hitting it right.

Our teen-queen Holly had the best take on the situation - no alarm, no get up.

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