Along the Tracks

Saturday, March 02, 2002
Hey, how about that! I finally look at my blog on my home computer (a PC), and SHAZZAM! There's a hypertext link button right there for me to use! Now, I know that was not there on my work Mac's screen. I'm tellin' ya, Macs would be known as the poor guy's computer if they didn't cost TWICE AS MUCH! What a big, heapin', steamin' pile o' ....

Sorry about the little rant. Anyway, hey look, it's snowing outside! I thought it was supposed to be rain here in Montpelier. Oops, I spoke too soon. It's starting to change to rain, even as I write. Oh well, like I said in Along the Tracks, I'm ready for spring anyway. By the way, I saw half a dozen wild turkeys at Ace Corners again yesterday. I think it must be one of their knew hangouts. If any of you have some interesting wildlife sightings you'd like to pass along, send 'em my way,

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